100% Organic Cotton Washcloth


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Price: £4.95


100% eco organic cotton

Organic cotton as not as easy to find as one would hope but here’s a 100% organic cotton washcloth for you to enjoy. Be kind to your skin and kind to the planet. If you want to check out the organic credentials, these cloths have been crocheted using Freedom Sincere organic cotton yarn.

These organic cotton washcloths are a generous size, measuring approximately 20cm x 20cm (8 x 8) and are available in various colours. I will check with you for your desired colour when you order.

They are incredibly soft and silky and add a real sense of luxury and ceremony to your cleansing routine. These are gentle on the skin and suitable for all the family. They work up a great lather when wrapped around soap and rubbed on the skin. Check out www.folksy.co.uk stores for handmade soap such as LoveScrub and EarthKandi to make your own gift set.

The cloths do not require any special care, just throw them in the wash at 40C or less (I always wash on cold) and use over and over again.